Born in Stockport in 1966 Sean Buckley is a Manchester based author of highly stylised international crime thrillers with titles that include, The Calvi Parallax, The Calvi Continuance and *The Avignon Quorum (*unpublished as of September 2014). After a successful business career Buckley was forced to retire after being diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of psoriatic arthritis in 2013. It was during one of his prolonged periods in hospital that he began to read again ultimately resulting in him writing his first thriller, The Calvi Parallax with the help of some speech to text software. A fanatical Manchester City supporter, the club, stadium and events often feature in his work. Subsequent offerings have expanded on the original work by exploring deeper into the main characters. The books feature several returning characters most notably Alex Bale, Gianfranco Molinari and the assassin Arlo Negri. Thoroughly researched in meticulous detail Buckley has a gift for capturing the readers` imagination as he weaves fictional plots with historical facts resulting in a very real feel to a world where glamour and wealth crash headlong into political intrigue.

Buckley is one of the new breed of media savvy authors that has taken the unorthodox route of self-publishing their work using sites like Amazon and Facebook to generate a media presence.


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